Ryan Abernathy

Photo by Brock Boot.

Thats me and I dont know what to write for an "About".  I can't look back and think of a critical moment where i was like - "I want to be a photographer; a creative; an artist."  I still dont know if that is who i am.  A part of me; yes.  My heart; not really.  I actually have 3 years of nursing school and (long story short) would still love to go back and finish.  However, I do believe whole-heartedly that being creative is not something that is depicted by a genre.  Creativity is not confined to the arts. Everyday we are presented with an opportunity to be a "creative" and it has nothing to do with a camera, a hammer, a paintbrush or any other "tool".  It has everything to do with how we are capable of engaging and the process we chose to engage with.  It has everything to do with our heart.  Our soul.  Our passion. A business owner.  Craftsman.  Scientist. Doctor.  Janitor. Father. Mother. Every aspect of life can and SHOULD be amazing and creative, we just need to see how to make it so. That, I guess, is what my life is "About".